29 Jul 2011

Impossible? Maybe...

Why is it that nothing works properly anymore?
Cash machines are always broken! (meaning no money for me that day)

Cars are just made to break down!

22 Jul 2011

Cornbread Muffins

Last night I found we'd run out of bread, sausage rolls, pork pies, and all things "lunchy" so today I had been struggling all morning with an idea to feed Harvey this lunch-time.

20 Jul 2011

Not moving after all!! :-(

So after weeks of holding everyone in my chain off until we got an answer from our mortgage provider they came back to us!! yey!


The reason is I have gone part time and we now have 2 children so now they consider the mortgage we currently have, that is easily paid every month, as not affordable! What The...........

When I eventually stopped crying and calling everyone I know to tell them what horrible thicko's my mortgage company are, I thought about it and, although we still won't be near to any family, the town we currently live in has a lot more kid friendly stuff than the town all our family live in. Which is a nice thought.

Plus my hubby just bought me a 100cc scooter, peep peep!!!! Got to do my CBT then I can scoot about as much as I like :-) after years of not having a car when hubby is at work and the car do we have being a diesel guzzling monster, it's gonna be great to nip out when I want to.

14 Jul 2011

Coco Caramel Cupcakes

My cupcakes have become famous amoung my work colleagues, so when it was time for my first "keeping in touch" day (days I can go into work while I'm on maternity leave) I decided that I would try a new flavour and bribe the lot of them to be nice to me :-)

10 Jul 2011

My Favourite Bloggers!!

Here is a list of Baketastic Blogs that I absolutely love!!!!!!!!!
Trust me..... I have spent hours trawling the t'internet for noteworthy cakey blogginess and these 3 are head and shoulders above the rest!!

9 Jul 2011

The Life of an Idiot Blogger

Yay!!! My fave blogger emailed me yesterday (her time) or this morning (my time) Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, she is so nice!! I've been trying to make my blog better so keep editing my posts but something was missing, Kristan gave me some great inspiration and a big "no no" so I've got my base to work on.

Then I had a brainwave ( due to my partially functioning brain and inherited daftness I am ever so slow on the uptake!! )

8 Jul 2011

No Cupcake pic today guys

Hello bloggers/readers,

Harvey is in his room playing and Preston is sleeping on the sofa, Daddy is at work, Milly (dog) is growling at the front door and I am playing with my blog again. Typical day at my house!!

6 Jul 2011

Vanilla Day with my 2 year old

Harvey and I were at a loose end last Saturday (daddy was working) so we decided to mess up the kitchen, as you do.

Easter 2011

Chocolate sponge with a gooey choc centre, chocolate frosting and of course CHOCOLATE EGGS! 
Yummy yum yum............. chocolate heaven from Devon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi's 28th Carrot Cakes & Lemon Frosting April 2011

My Bessie mate Heidi turned 28 so I was like "What's your favourite cake?" and she was like "Carrot".... nuff said :-)

Animal Cupcakes

I was asked by a work colleague to make Noah's Ark themed cupcakes for her grandson's 2nd B-day party, this terrified me to my very soul as I knew it would have to involve lots of animals (that I had never attempted before).

So I start researching the idea and found inspiration online and in the sweet shops.

It was a case of "oooo those will make great ears" and "wow fantastic nostrils!!" the sweetshop lady now thinks I need some serious medicating!!

Anyhoo...... these are the finished products........

I hope they inspire you for your animal themed cakes.

"the animals came in two by two.....hurrah hurrah"


xx Kat xx

Miss T's Birthday 25th Nov 2010

Carrot Cakes Sept 2010

The Sponge on these was amazing. The problem I had with these cakes is I whipped the cream cheese and it trippled in size! I ended up with enough to cover 100 cakes!!! :-/

Claires maternity leave cakes May 2010

Welcome to the start of my Cupcake Journey!!

Hello World!!!

I am not the best person to be blogging I have to admit, but I thought I'd give it whirl as it seems to be fun :-)

I would like to invite you to join my Journey from novice (I can bake cupcakes but am useless at decorating them!) to Cupcake entrepreneur (hopefully)!!

I've uploaded some of my cakes, starting from the first ones I did.

I'm hoping that by sharing my experiences with you it will spur me on to actually do it and will help you by learning by my mistakes :-S

Anyways I'll be playing with my blog appearance and keeping my littl'uns entertained for the rest of today.

Speak soon
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