29 Jul 2011

Impossible? Maybe...

Why is it that nothing works properly anymore?
Cash machines are always broken! (meaning no money for me that day)

Cars are just made to break down!

No-one can answer a phone, or if they do they cannot help and need to "pass details on" or "Transfer you to the correct department.........beeeeeeeeeeeeeep" or ask a bazillion people what to do and keep you on hold for about a year! - FYI.... I work in a call centre myself so I, unfortunately, have to do this from time to time (not the asking people bit coz I know my stuff) but I make it my mission not to, coz it's irritating and time wasting!!

Buggy raincovers cover the open part of the buggy but do not cover the buggy hood - which isn't water proof BTW!!

And enrolling in a college course is absolutely IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!

I found the perfect course, in the nearest town, on a evening that I can commit to, which had the exact course content I wanted. Woo hoo!!!!!

So I excitedly completed my forms at work, to get the learning grant they so generously provide, and set to work contacting the course provider.

4 phone calls later and someone answers!! Result! But they cannot help as they are just manning the phones due to the correct person being on holiday. So I decide to call the other number listed on the site.......... 6 calls later and I give up as no-one seems to, hear the phone ringing, or, know how to pick it up!!

I decide to call the original number again. I speak to the same woman who this time takes my details so I can get a call back so I can enrol. Result!!??

Guess what..... no call back.

So I call the same woman again and she is very sorry that I haven't been contacted (very sweet lady) and takes my details again. She isn't sure who she needs to pass my details on to so I give her the name of the chap, who never answers the phone, and she said she'd get right on it.

To try to get this going I email the bloke aswell, trying hard to hide my frustration but not doing a very good job of it.

So now I am waiting, fingers crossed, that he knows how to read and reply to an email!! (Catty? Moi? Certainly not)

All I want to do is enrol in a flippin' course, surely it cannot be this hard. C'mon people...........

Anyhoo, on a happier note, I have a lingerie party to go to next week so will have some sexy looking cupcakes for you (and hopefully some good news about my course) ;-)

TGI Friday!!

xx Kat xx

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