6 Jul 2011

Animal Cupcakes

I was asked by a work colleague to make Noah's Ark themed cupcakes for her grandson's 2nd B-day party, this terrified me to my very soul as I knew it would have to involve lots of animals (that I had never attempted before).

So I start researching the idea and found inspiration online and in the sweet shops.

It was a case of "oooo those will make great ears" and "wow fantastic nostrils!!" the sweetshop lady now thinks I need some serious medicating!!

Anyhoo...... these are the finished products........

I hope they inspire you for your animal themed cakes.

"the animals came in two by two.....hurrah hurrah"


xx Kat xx


  1. Oh wow, they are so, so cute!!! I would totally love getting a box of these :)

  2. Aw so great! I love the sheep x


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