9 Jul 2011

The Life of an Idiot Blogger

Yay!!! My fave blogger emailed me yesterday (her time) or this morning (my time) Kristan of Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, she is so nice!! I've been trying to make my blog better so keep editing my posts but something was missing, Kristan gave me some great inspiration and a big "no no" so I've got my base to work on.

Then I had a brainwave ( due to my partially functioning brain and inherited daftness I am ever so slow on the uptake!! )

I tried to think like a perfectly functioning human being

I'm doing a food blog...

I'm sharing my ideas with the world.....

What would I want to see if I were looking at a food blog???.......

RECIPES!!!!!! DOH!!!

So here I go again, I'm editing!! If you like the look of my previously posted cakes, and want to know how I made them, the recipes will be added to them today(ish)


p.s Let me know how your creations turned out :-)

xx Kat xx

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