10 Jul 2011

My Favourite Bloggers!!

Here is a list of Baketastic Blogs that I absolutely love!!!!!!!!!
Trust me..... I have spent hours trawling the t'internet for noteworthy cakey blogginess and these 3 are head and shoulders above the rest!!

I have to admit I am slightly jealous of these true cake genius's as I am nowhere near that independently creative. However they inspire me beyond anything I have encountered before. I'm not talking about copy-cat inspiration (although this is just as fun), I'm talking about using bits and bobs from their recipes or designs with oodles tweaking.  

Baking is about having fun and using ingredients & designs that YOU like.


Ladies I love your blogs, keep the posts coming.

I have 15 new ideas to try out so keep an eye on me to see what's coming next ;-)

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday (what's left of it)

xx Kat xx


  1. These are some of my favourite go-to baking blogs too! Thank you for visiting the blog, you've some absolutely beautiful cupcakes here!

  2. You're welcome and Thank you!! :-) xx


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