16 Aug 2011

Banana Daiquiri Cupcakes ~ My entry for Augusts British Cupcake Challenge 2011

So I was searching the net for a fun cupcakey style something to give me an excuse to keep baking ~ this is due to my hubby getting fed up of me baking for no reason and, as he puts it, "crapping up the kitchen!!" Anyway I got a bit bored so checked out my flickr page (yes I am on flickr). I was looking at cupcakey groups and found the British Cupcake Challenge 2011. At the beginning of every month they give you some ingredients and you have to create yummy tasting/looking cupcakes, post the picture of the finished cupcakes to the group, then wait to be judged at the end of the month!!

Woo hoo says I!!

I took some advice and told my husband that cupcake making is my hobby (which it is ~ I cannot lie for toffee) but that is waring a bit thin so now I have the hobby, plus Cupcake challenge, plus special occasions to rely on every month.

The funny thing is my "hobby" is so annoying to my fella that he now wants to buy a new kitchen, to get it "bloody organised"! So now I'm getting a new play-pen to be bakey-mad in!! Happy, happy, happy :-)

Anyhoo....... this is not a cake for the kids.

Banana Daiquiri Cupcakes makes 6-7
80g butter
80g caster sugar
80g self raising flour
1 large egg
1 mashed banana
1/4 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
6-7 1/2 tsps white rum
  • Preheat the over to 180/gas mark 4 and put cases in the muffin tin.
  • Mix the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Add the egg and mix until fully incorperated.
  • Add the vanilla extract.
  • Take the bowl off the mixer and fold in the flour and baking powder.
  • Add the banana and fold until evenly distributed.
  • Evenly fill the cases 2/3 full.
  • Bake for 20-25 mins.
  • When cooked place on cooling rack and while still hot pour 1/2 tsp white rum on each cupcake.
  • Leave to cool.
Lime Rum Frosting enough for 6-7 cupcakes
50g butter
250g icing sugar
1tbsp + 2tsp lime juice
1tbsp + 2tsp white rum
  • Mix the Butter and Icing sugar until sandy in texture.
  • Add the Rum and Lime and mix until smooth.
  • Add the food colouring and mix on high, keep adding the colour until you get the colour you require. 
When the cakes are cooled frost as desired and sprinkle with coconut.


I'm not as think as you drunk I am.... hic!

xx Kat xx



    1. They look amazing - I'm so impressed with your decorating skills. I like the idea of the challenge, but I'm rubbish at making them look professional - I have yet to master piping!


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