5 Aug 2011

Colouring Sugar

This is my first time colouring sugar, I have done coconut before and it's pretty much the same thing.

You need to buy the correct sugar, for most things granulated sugar gives the best effect - sprinkling on cakes, cookies etc.

Things you will need......

Granulated sugar
Gel paste food colourant (I use sugarflair gel paste - pink)
Sealable plastic food bag

Right then, put your sugar in the plastic bag, dip the toothpick into the colour to get a blob of gel paste.
This much will make a pastel pink.....
I doubled this amount for my project.... (remember you can always add more colour so start with the minimum)

Swirl the toothpick around the sugar and scrape as much of the colour into the bag as possible.

Make sure you seal the bag properly - I ended up with half the sugar on my floor because one little bit was not sealed - then SHAKE THAT THAAANG! It's very therapeutic, so if you're having a crappy day, colour some sugar!!

When the colour of the sugar is consistant throughout you are done :-)


I doubled the amount of colour for my project, I'm making marshmellow flower petals and you can't see pale colours when the sugar is stuck to the marshmellow

Happy Decorating

xx Kat xx


  1. Very Nice! Now I know how to make my own and pay such high prices for others!


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