26 Oct 2011

First Attempt at Fondant Characters

I LOVE my boys, maybe a little too much (if that's possible)

My eldest, Harvey, is 2 (3 in Nov) and he's really started making me laugh with some of the things that come out of his mouth.

Todays favourite....

Harvey - "Look what I draw for you mummy!"
Me - "Aw, beautiful. What is it?"
Harvey - "A scribble!"

Now..... it might just be me, as Harvey is my baby, but I found this hilarious!

Preston, being 8 1/2 mths is a bit limited with the funnies, but has the most amusing hair and his bed-head every morning always makes me laugh..... what do you think?

As my boy are SO ADORABLE I was in a cutey mood yesterday and decided to try an make some fondant characters. I have a book called Cake Characters (Cozy)by Ann Pickardit has really sweet fondant animals and people to practise, and a really handy step by step guide for each one. This book also has a great "ball" size chart so you can get your characters exact.

My fave animals are the penguins, the pigs and the teddy. I really love the duck but that's because it's the easiest animal to make in the book (I made 3).

I only tried the ducks and the snowman, luckily the snowman came out brilliantly! The ducks need a little more work. But for a first EVER attempt at fondant I reckon I did pretty well ~ also factor in that Harvey was "making characters" too.

Here's the pics......

Harvey thought it was playdough!

I was wondering why he wasn't hassling me to eat it all the time.

He loves the snowman....

I will be making more things (just bought a big pack of fondant) so I'll post what I come up with ~ even if it's rubbush, I promise.

xx Kat xx


  1. those pictures are so sweet I almost can't take it!1 :)

    Nom! x

  2. Your boys are definitely super cute. Love the last photo!!

  3. Haha glad I have provided you with something to do for the rest of your day then! I will have to sneak a look at your blog another time because I'm meant to be writing an essay right now! You definitely did well for your first time with fondant, that snowman is amazing! Glad to have come across your blog too :)

  4. I love your snowman. I haven't done much figurine work but you've inspired me - will def do some for Christmas. Glad I found this blog!

  5. aw, thank you :-)

    welcome to my blog :-) x


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