15 Oct 2011

I've won blogger of the week!!!!!

How blown away was I to receive an email from Sabrina at Fruit for the Office telling me I have won their blogger of the week award?!?!?

Absolutely amazed!! 

After weeks of nonsense going on at my house over the last month, this is a real happy boost for me. 

Hubby will probably think I'm over-excited about this, but poo to him I say :-)

Ha! See Mr G ~ My blogging is NOT at waste of time!! People actually enjoy what I do!! Love it!!

Thanks to the good people at Fruit for the Office I shall be a happy chicken for a long time.

Check out their post that's ALL ABOUT ME!!!

Thank you again.

xx Kat xx


  1. Well done! Cake blogging is never nonsense!! :) xxx

    Nom! X

  2. Thank you :-)

    The Mr doesn't get it, he thinks I'm a super nerd, although he does enjoy the cakes that are made by the super nerd :-)

    xx Kat xx


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