30 Oct 2011

New baby Girl, Great Aunt's 90th & Halloween Weekend

So here I am, home alone on the scariest weekend of the year. Hubby has gone out to watch Paranormal Activity 3 with his brother. The kids are in bed, well, I say in bed but I can hear some thumping and chatting coming from Harvey's room so either......
  • My boy is possessed!! eeeek!! (not such a stretch tonight)
  • The little monster is playing when he should be sleeping. 
I am totally freaked out! Just before my hubby left me, all alone, our microwave blew up (No exaggeration!! The thing popped and there was smoke!!)

Then, about 10 minutes later all our lights went out!!

Luckily Bradders was on hand to save the day ~ Before he buggered off and left me to fight the ghosts, vampires and zombies by myself, Damon Salvatore excluded "swit-swoo, you naughty vampire!!"

Anyhoo, back to the cakies......

I was absolutely delighted when my friend text to say she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl on Tuesday, we are going to visit them tomorrow and I am keeping my, freaking out, mind busy by baking her some girly cakes. 

Also it's my Great Aunt-in-laws (a mouthful, I know) 90th birthday next Thursday so I am also taking her over a few cakes. 

Aunt and friend live in the same town, just so ya know.

I haven't got the time to do two different flavoured cakes so I've plumped for my Vanilla Cupcakes and decorated them differently. 

So here's my One Cake Two Ways

Aunty P's Vanilla Cake (she can't have too much icing)

Have a great Halloween guys.

xx Kat xx


  1. love these!!! the baby girl ones are SO adorable!

  2. Happy Halloween - these look great! Congratulations to your friend and happy birthday to your great aunt in law (it is quite a mouthful!)


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