4 Dec 2011

Dino Cupcakes

My friend asked me to make dinosaur cupcakes for her grandsons 3rd birthday party.

Never done dino before, so why not?!?

Me and the kids have been ill all week and I was supposed to have the cakes done and delivered by Saturday ~ que Friday night......

Brad - "What day is it?"
Me - "Friday the second"
Brad - " VIV's CAKES!!!!!"

So on Saturday morning I ran out to buy my bits and Brad took Harvey (the cake making hinderer) out xmas shopping.

As soon as they went out I got out my fondant and started playing, as most of you know I am not a fondant modelling professional, not even close. This is actually the SECOND time I have ever tried it so it was a bit of a risk but I think they turned out great (if I do say so myself).

I'm not posting the recipe because.....

1. This is just awesome stuff on a plain cake.
2. I havent got the time to be honest and am stupidly tired but need to post now or I never will :-/

I will say though.....all you need is green fondant (I colour my own) soft silver balls, choc-chips and polka dots.

I hope these lovelies give you some inspiration for your own dino adventure!! :-)

Enjoy modelling peeps

Nighty night

xx Kat xx


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