29 Dec 2011

What my Christmas looked like

Well.........this has been one of my best Christmas's EVER!!!!

I'm going to bamboozle you with pics now because, as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is what my boys got up to..................

My baby boy, 10 month old Preston Elf!! (yes that is me behind him, do you like the penguin P-J's?)

My big baby boy, 3 years old Harvey Elf!! (plus lollipop)

Harvey just couldn't help himself, he had to interfere with all of Preston's pressies. Somehow I don't think that Preston learning to tell us off, by shouting at us, this week is a coincidence!!

Harvey Loves his uncle and a good snuggle and some book time is always necessary.

Play time for Preston on Aunty Tracy's knee.

At home playing with the present Granddad gave him.

I was also ridiculous with presents, most of which were baking goodies courtesy of my hubby, he certainly knows what I want, that's for sure.

Here is the list of my pressies for Mr G *giggles with bakey giddiness*

Star Plunger Cutters 

Butterfly Plunger Cutters

Blossom Plunger Cutters

Gerbera Cutter Set  

Rose Leaf Plunger Cutters 

Daisy Plunger Cutters

Heart Plunger Cutters

Sugar Craft Tool Set

Metal Alphabet Cutters

Metal Number Cutters

The Great British Bake Off cookbook

And the mother of all bakers tools Caddy!! (it's Wilton....oh yes!)
 Ultimate Tool Caddy™

And from Daddy......

13 Cupcake Stand

A turntable

Silicone Tea Cupcake moulds.....how cute are these!!??!!??

Yes.....I have the best hubby and paps on the planet!! I am one lucky chicken!

I hope you all had a great Christmas.


See you in 2012

xx Kat xx   

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  1. Your boys are so super cute!!! The pressies look amazing... jealous? maybe ;) Glad you had the best Christmas ever!!


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