21 Feb 2012

Happy Birthday Preston xxxx


I have been looking forward to this post for a while.

The 9th was my baby's 1st birthday, Preston is a beautiful happy baby and when I look at him I could burst.

To my baby boy.......

I love the way you to call me each morning with your sleepy chatter

I love your cute little giggle 

I love your bright blue eyes and dark brown hair (couldn't possibly say where you get your stunning looks)

I love the way you cling to me

and cry when I leave

and cry with arms raised (for cuddles) when I return

I love bath-time, that you always turn into a splash war with your big brother

and warm towel cuddles afterwards

I watch with pride when you and Harvey play so nicely together

You are my darling baby snuffle-pants

And guess what.............


Happy Birthday Preston

xx Mummy & Daddy xx

* To make this cake use my chocolate cake recipe and bake in a 20cm round tin on 170 for 30-35mins. Frost all over (when cooled), cut mini swiss rolls in half and stick around the edge then pile a load of candy coated choc on top.

Et Voila......you are done :-)


  1. Aw happy birthday Preston! So cute! I'm sure he enjoyed digging into that tasty looking cake! I gave you an award on my blog if you want to go and check it out :) then if you want you can write a blog post about it and share it with your 5 favourite blogs with under 200 followers too!


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