9 May 2012

I Made My Own Button!!! And some news

Hello hello hello!!!!

Firstly let me apologise for my lack of blog lovin' over the last 2 months! Wow...... 2 months!! I have been slack.

I have a good reason, honest......

Throughout March and April I have been feeling pretty ill *sighs* I shouldn't moan though, the reason I've been ill is that I am pregnant!!! Yes....again!! I am now 16 weeks and don't feel like I'm on a boat in the middle of a storm anymore. Due to this I have had an aversion to baking (the smells and such). Bambino will be my 3rd, I won't lie, I want a girl, I have 2 beautiful boys but mummy wants a little dolly to dress :-)

So there's the first bit :-)

The second bit is Bradders has changed jobs and we have to move to the house THAT COMES WITH THE JOB (4 bed, detached, big garden, in the country...oh yes!!) Although it is very exciting I have to change everything, schools, doctors, dentists, vets, phone line, t'internet, sky and a whole heap of other stuff...phew, oh yeah, I also have to organise the sale of my house as well as keep my employer, kids, and hubby happy AND grow a baby!! I am cream crackered to say the least.

I am hoping to get back on form in a few weeks, when all has settled down, please hang on in there, I'll make it a good'un!!

For those of you who are techniphobes (myself included) if you want a button for your blog you must must must visit Adrianne @ Happy Hour Projects the detailed explanation of how to do your own button is brilliant and so easy to do......it must be if I could do it :-) Go on, take a look and try it yourself, it's fantastic I promise!!!!


x Kat x


  1. Congratulations - that's great news (well, not the bit about feeling ill, of course). That's a lot of changes all at once but I feel sure they'll be really good changes in the end. Keep smiling.

    1. Thanks hun :-)

      It is a lot to deal with but I am sure it will end with a positive outcome.


  2. Congratulations!! Lots of change but exciting times. Good luck with everything! PS love the button - very cute, I was just thinking about making a similar cupcake :)

    1. Thank hunni

      That's my white chocolate cupcake, take a look it's on the blog somewhere :-) xxx

      x Kat x

  3. Congratulations! And hello! I'm following you back :) I have a feeling I have stumbled across your blog before (I may have even bookmarked it somewhere!)so I'm glad I've found it again to follow. Your lemon meringue cake a few posts back is absolutely STUNNING!


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