19 Jul 2012

My Cookbooks - Random Recipe #18 from Belleau Kitchen

Well hellooooo!

I've seen a couple of my blogger buddies taking part in the Belleau Kitchen Challenge, this month it's Random Recipe Challenge #18 which consists of showing off your cookbooks!! What a fab and easy peasy idea!! 

Sooo......... as I am a blogger-phobe at present, due to this and that, I decided this is a brilliant challenge to get me back on track. 

Would you like to see my cookey inspiration?


Well here t'is.....

My faves on show in my kitchen, the pink labels mark the pages with the best recipes, or ones I wanna try !

The cupboard above my oven, lots of different and random books in 'ere.

OMG!! I cannot live without my monthly Essentials magazine (complete with "cut out & keep" cooking sections) and my cake decorating mags, much love each month.

So there you have it, my cookbooks, not very fancy but lots of yummy inspiration :-)

I hope this has given you the will to rummage through your cookbooks to see what treasures you have.


xx Kat xx


  1. Thanks for sharing with us. I love this challenge as I'm such a nosey parker ;-) I've been comparing everyone's collection with mine. Love that you have a cupboard above your oven! Great selection too.

    1. Ha ha!! Me too, it's been fab checking out other people's cookbooks!! I'm really nosey!!

      Cannot wait for the round up :-)

  2. Excellent use of the cupboard above the oven. I've got a lot of page markers in my books in pretty much every colour except pink - I've got to get myself some.

  3. glad I could be of service!... I love you having all your faves in the kitchen... thanks for playing along this month I truly appreciate it... (I'm sure I already left a message but it's not showing?)

  4. I love that the Mary Berry book is SO full of markers it looks like it has paper hair!!

    Sue xx


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