2 Aug 2012

Baking Mad Olympic Torch Cupcakes

Being a Brit, a blogger and missing the boat on the Jubilee is pretty shameful, but missing the Olympics too would just be completely pants of me, to be honest! 

So I went a'hunting for some Olympic cupcake fun, I wanted a kid friendly little something that isn't your typical cupcake. 

Guess what I found in the cupcake recipe section of Baking Mad.com!! 

PERFECT!!! (I've been eyeing up the Askeys cones in my local supermarket for months) 

Instead of using plain vanilla sponge I coloured it red "Tres Flamey" and instead of red icing with white icing I used orange, red and yellow "Uber Flamey". I also really wanted to spray the cones gold, but as my kids were hanging off my legs I completely forgot this part!! :-/

I had no idea that you can actually bake the batter in the cone!! Thought you had to bake it in a case then remove case and plop cake in the cone....is it just me who's a complete idiot?!?! All you need to do is pop them in a mini cupcake tin (they fit perfectly!) and bake. For all you non-believers ~ as I was ~ here's a piccies..........

For the recipe please go HERE

The boys were most impressed with their Olympic Torches (even hubby munched one)

As the Olympics are all about "Inspiring the next generation" I decided to let the sprogs "help", there are no pics of this great event as I was far too stressed to take any!!

NOTE TO SELF ~ Don't let kids help when I care about the outcome!!

Anyhoo as I had some batter and icing left over I made some cute mini's to carry the boys through the rest of the week. Aren't I the best mummy ever :-)

Also on my Baking Mad travels I found the How To Make Pancakes Tutorial..... I know, it's not cupcakey, but me and the boys LOVE pancakes for brekkie, as hubby leaves at 6am and hates pancakes.....I KNOW!! I'm always on the hunt for the prefect pancake. The tutorial is fab and really easy to follow. Never thought of making a paste first but it makes total sense if you want a smooth batter. 

I love the kitchen they use in the tutorial too, it's just as I want my new kitchen to look!! I'll post a before and after kitchen make-over so you can see how I did :-) 

I hope you're all enjoying the Olympics as much as I am!!

xx Kat xx


  1. Wow, your flame colours are brilliant, so vibrant! Haha don't worry it's not just you - I was doing 99er cupcake cones and thought the same thing, when I opened the box of cones I was thinking how on earth am I going to make cupcakes tiny enough to fit in? Then I looked at the recipe and felt a bit stupid. I was still convinced they were going to crack and fall apart in the oven, but it really does work! Hadn't thought of doing Olympic flame versions, fab idea!

  2. I love these flame cupcakes!! Brilliant idea. These ice cream cone cupcakes always look impressive regardless of how you decorate them. The Olympics have been fab, shame it's almost over!


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