10 Aug 2012

Tiffin ~ My Way

I've been trawling my fave blogs for some challenges, I love it when my treats appear on other peoples sites......makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :-)

One of my favourites is the Alphabakes Challenge hosted each moth by The More Than Occasional Baker & Caroline Makes. This months host is the lovely Ros of The More Than Occasional Baker. The aim of the game is to make something with a name or main ingredient beginning with the letter for the month, the letter is chosen at random. This month the letter T.

I did a tea cupcake last month and couldn't really think of any other ingredients beginning with "T"!!

I blame baby brain for that one!!

Eventually I decided on Tiffin.

Who doesn't like Tiffin.......right?

I've never made Tiffin before, my mum used to make Hollywood cake which is basically the same thing but without bourbons and with cherries and a chocolate layer on top. I liked it but not the cherries or the extra choc on top. So I changed it up a bit....hope you don't mind!!

My Recipe
250g unsalted butter
250g digestive biscuits
100g bourbon biscuits
200g plain chocolate
50g milk chocolate
100g sultanas
2 1/2 tbsp golden syrup
  1. In a bowl Crush all the biscuits until you have a sandy texture, you must still have some chunks no bigger than your thumb nail. (I used my rolling pin)
  2. In a separate, microwaveable, bowl melt the butter, chocolate and syrup together in 30 second bursts. Mix after each time until you get a lovely smooth chocolate sauce. 
  3. Add the sultanas to the biscuits and mix well until evenly distributed.
  4. Add the chocolate to the dry mix and stir until everything is covered.
  5. Pour/scrape into your LINED tin (I used a square 18 inch tin).
  6. Pop in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours to firm up.
You should have seen the chaos as my boys climbed all over each other to get to the bowl and spatula!! I tried some and it's actually ridiculously yummy straight from the bowl!! NOM NOM NOM
When the Tiffin is set use a super sharp knife to cut it into squares (as big or as small as you'd like).

I'm also entering this treat into the Zero Baking Required challenge hosted by Maison Cupcake in which all us bloggers have to make something yummy that cannot see the inside of an oven. This is a great challenge for me as I am moving soon and want to use Mr Oven as little as possible. Needs a darn good clean TBH!!

This is a recipe you just HAVE to try, I guarantee you'll like it as much as I do!!! My hubby and kids barely got a look in!! :-)


xx Kat xx



  1. Making Tiffin was a bad idea....

    Every time I go past the fridge I eat a piece!!!


  2. That looks so good, dangerously good! Tiffin reminds me of my Great Aunty 'Manda, she made a mean tiffin.

    I would definitely be sneaking past the fridge for more too!

  3. I love tiffin and usually make different versions each time I make it. Thanks for entering this to AlphaBakes - a great entry! I'm pleased it makes your feel warm and fuzzy :)

  4. These are just GREAT !
    Looking super delicious
    BTW - these are kind of new to me :)

  5. These look very morish, I must give them a try!

  6. hi I am dropping by via AlphaBakes... I have never come across this before and it looks so delicious.


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