23 Jan 2012

Love-ly Strawberry Cake Truffles

This is my entry for January's We Should Cocoa Challenge it's a bit late in the day but if you want to squeeze your entry in check out Chele's post on her blog Chocolate Teapot - This month is healthy treats (whatever that means to you)

For me it's little cake truffles = smaller portions = healthy!! Right? I think so ;-) 

As Valentines day (*coughs* my birthday) is next month I thought I'd love things up a bit. 

So.... what's the flavour? 

Strawberries and chocolate... oh yes, that old chestnut!

This is what I did.

I used a hand mixer, no need to pull out the big boy! 
  • Make your sponge mix, packet or home-made (tutorial coming soon for best ever sponge recipe). 
  • Bake as required and leave to cool completely.
  • Mix 50g unsalted butter until light and creamy.
  • Add 200g icing sugar 50g at a time.
  • Add 5 tbsp strawberry jam and mix until fully combined.
  • Break your cooled sponge into crumbs.
  • Mix in a little of the icing a spoon at a time until you get a dough consistency.
  • Roll into balls, poke a toothpick in each ball, place on a cookie sheet with parchment paper on and refrigerate for 2hrs to harden.
  • Melt 150g dark and 150g milk chocolate (cake covering is best) 
  • Dip Balls into chocolate DO NOT STIR.
  • The chocolate will harden on the balls quickly. Once hard, take out the toothpick, blob a little melted choc over the hole a pop a little heart on top.

I have to say these were my first attempt at strawberry anything and I don't think the sponge pick up the taste very well. Perhaps I'll use strawberry sponge as well as the strawberry frosting next time. 

Best eaten straight from the fridge.

And super healthy too, as it's only one bite per truffle (willpower required) ha!

Hope you had a great Monday

xx Kat xx

I'm entering this beautiful dessert to February 2013 Calendar Cakes as hosted by Dolly Bakes and Laura Loves Cakes it's all about love. Head on over to this months host Dolly Bakes and check it out.

11 Jan 2012

English Country Garden Mini Cupcakes

January, for me, means cuteness.

We've had the massive excess of December and in January we are looking for something a little lighter and smaller. Or, at least, we're supposed to be ;-)

Now my eldest has started pre-school, I have time on a Tuesday to do things I'd like to do.


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