22 Sep 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Ella

My husband has been friends with Sam since they were 4, now we've moved we live just 2mins down the lane from her and her fiance. Due to their close bond I have also grown very close to Sam and love living so close.

Today was the birthday party of Sam's niece, Ella, she's now 2! It was a fabulous day in the countryside playing in the garden and eating cake made by yours truly. 

It was a mixed bag of a day......so much fun and the kids had a great time and I got to know Sam's family a lot better.....and I like them all BTW :-)

However there were a couple of moments of sadness, you see, last year Sam's brother, Jorden (who is Ella's dad) and Ella's mum went to Sam's to celebrate Ella's 1st birthday. This year though Jorden was not there. He passed away suddenly in November last year leaving behind his partner, their two daughters and the rest of his family, including Sam. He was just 27 years old.

Thankfully the day was a success and everyone had a great time, the cakes went down brilliantly and Sam is excited to do more baking with me, the girl seriously needs the tuition!! Ha!

Anyhoo I hope you get inspired by the pics.

Enjoy your weekend

xx Kat xx
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