24 Jan 2013

Just a Quickie

Hellooooo my chickens!!

I am very aware that I have been super slack with Cupcake Baker in the last few months, this is my new baby's fault...she is a needy girl :-)

My beautiful bundle was 3 months old 2 days ago and is a stunning. lovely, happy baby. I could burst with pride when I see my sons play with her a smother her in kisses and cuddles. 

I love making treats for special occasions and have missed photographing and posting many I've made for Halloween, Bonfire Night and even the big daddy, Christmas.

But, do not despair, I've got some things up my sleeve for Valentines Day (*coughs* my birthday) and Easter, plus random goodies throughout the year including the birthdays of my nearest and dearest. 

For now though I thought I'd give you a fab idea that I've come up with to save me time since I added another person to my family. 

CHEESECAKE...not just any cheesecake, a boxed cheesecake that you just put together and make any flavour you want. My favourite cheesecake mix is...

It's soooo easy to make, just follow the instructions, er, of course.

However, to flavour it, add a dessert spoon of whatever smooth jam you like to the milk. Mix it in with a hand mixer so you get it evenly dispersed (no-one wants to comp on a massive blob of jam). Then just add the cheese mix and prepare as per instructions.

I've used lemon curd, blackcurrant jam and raspberry jam, all of which turned out perfectly.

Brilliant time saver...I urge you to try this.

I'd love to see what you do with it  so send me your pics :-)


xx Kat xx

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