18 Feb 2013

Sweet Shop Cake!

Yes...I've caught the Cadbury Fingers bug.

Oh Yes...

We were given one of those finger selection boxes (basically a big box with all 3 types of biscuit) for Christmas, and I ate it... ALL OF IT...in 2 days!!!

Will power...no!

Greedy cow...hell yeah!!

This cake is soo easy...

Make 2 vanilla sponge and buttercream (double the quantities of that post) bake in 18cm loose bottomed round tins.

When cooled sandwich the sponges together using strawberry or raspberry jam.

Cover all over with the butter cream ~ no need to be neat here are you won't see it ~ and place the fingers around the edge.

Completely cover the top of the cake with all the sweets you love. The possibilities are endless.

Et voila.

The end result is a, very easy to get, neatly finished cake.


Until next time.

xx Kat xx


  1. Great cake! I've made similar cakes and they always go down a storm :)

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  3. Gorgeous cake! I love using chocolate fingers as decoration - simple yet effective!

  4. Hiya just waanted to let you know i've nominatd your blog for the Versatile blogger awards. Its a fellow bloggers apreciating other blogs award:)
    My Cupcake Habit Vb POST

    1. Wow! Thank you very much :-)

      xx Kat xx


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