5 Apr 2013

Cranberry Flapjacks & my first Sweet Leftovers Link Party #1

Well Hellooo,

This week has been full of thriftyness for me...

I hate waste, HATE it!! 

So I've been rummaging through my pantry finding open foods, almost out of date stuff and fruit that is past it's best. All of which have been thrown into my bakes and puds.

It's so much fun finding something random(ish) and old food and trying to incorporate it into my baking, it gets the creative juices flowing. 

Today it's cranberry flapjacks...because I had 1/3 of a pack of dried cranberries left from Christmas.

350g porridge oats
80g caster sugar
250g butter
3 tbsp golden syrup
90g (all I had left) dried cranberries (roughly chopped)
  1. Pre-heat oven to 180/GM4/160 fan
  2. Line a square 8" pan with parchment paper
  3. Melt butter, sugar and syrup until all the butter has melted and the sugar has dissolved
  4. Take off the heat the throw in the oats and cranberries 
  5. Pour into the lined pan and squash it down until nice and packed and level on top
  6. Bake for 30min until golden all over
When still warm cut into desired slices...if you want bars you'll easily get 12 if you want square bites you'll get 24. Leave to cool.

Because I'm nosey, I love to see what others are up to, I've decided to do a weekly Link Party so we can all see what others are doing with their leftovers. It'll be every Friday, for five days, that's when the leftovers start to take over the cupboard!!

  1. Create some yummy SWEET treats using leftovers and post it on your blog.
  2. Add your creation to my link list. You can use old posts if leftovers were used.
  3. Include a link to my blog and this link party in your post.
  4. Follow my blog so you'll know when my next link party gets started. Not absolutely necessary!
  5. Enjoy looking at all the fab creations from fellow bloggers.
Come join my party!!!

Kat xxx


  1. Great idea! I was looking through my cupboards last week and discovered some dried cranberries I had forgotten about too. Unfortunately my left over marshmallows were too past it and had gone rock solid!

    1. Thank you Jo :-)

      Don't forget to add your treats!! Mine is looking rather lonely...

      xx Kat xx


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