12 Apr 2013

Sweet Leftovers Link Party #2

So last week my link party was very dull, only two entries, both of which were mine!!

But...I'll stick with it in the hope that my blogging pals will share their sweets made with leftovers. 

I'm going to link up my Banana Loaf tomorrow as it was made with banana's that weren't going to be eaten as they'd started to brown. 

In the mean time Link up you goodies!

  1. Create some yummy SWEET TREATS using leftovers and post it on your blog.
  2. Add your creation to my link list, you can use old posts if leftovers were used.
  3. Include a link to this link party in your post.
  4. Follow my blog so you'll know when my next link party gets started. Not absolutely necessary!
  5. Enjoy looking at all the fab creations from fellow bloggers and they'll do the same :-)
I look forward to seeing your creations.

xx Kat xx

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